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Fitness with Angie
"I need to be motivated. By meeting with my trainer, Angie, after work, it forces me to excercise. I would never go to the gym on my own." - Meagan, West Des Moines
"Angie's "FIT 4 LIFE"® is the best thing to happen to personal fitness in Central Iowa! She's a great motivator and will quickly personalize your workouts to fit your goals and fitness level even in a class setting! With a wide range of exercises, Angie doesn't let you get bored. After only 1 eight week session, 1 client lost 12 pounds and 14 inches overall. She also noticed increased strength and endurance."
"I needed more strength training to make the team. Angie helped customize a program that was perfect in the areas I needed." -Meagan, Urbandale
FIT4LIFE® is Angie's own philosophy and approach to a program that is based on making true lifestyle changes. It's about customizing exercises to each individual, boosting confidence, strengthening the entire body, increasing endurance, expanding flexibility, and most of all making a healthy change to affect the quality of each person's life.
"After trying other diet and exercise programs, I couldn't keep the weight off. With Angie, I lost 40 lbs and have kept if off." - Sharon, Windsor Heights
NEVER do the same workout twice during an 6-Week session
"I feel like I have literally tried every workout regimine in town, but I have never found anything like what Angie offers. I appreciate doing a different workout everyday, and being personally pushed to make myself stronger and work harder. I've never had a more rewarding workout." - Lisa, Clive
ONLY work with an accredited, certified trainer
ALWAYS have personal attention to ensure proper form, proper weight, and any needed modifications
ANY age and fitness level can start recognizing benefits today
Small class sizes (10 people MAX), ONLY with accredited, certified trainers
Private studio
4 and 6-Week sessions, with 3 class times, 5 days per week.
Each session includes a grocery store tour with a Registered Dietitian to promote healthy lifestyle changes
$333.75 for a 6-week session
Join anytime! Price adjustments offered
Maintenance package available
Discounts for spread the word!
Contact FITNESS WITH ANGIE for details!
$20/class, purchase as many as you like!
*Please note: all purchases are non-refundable. Punch card purchases must be used within the session they are purchased
Discounted rates for returning clients
Discounted rates for participation in consecutive sessions
$50.00 CREDIT for referrals to the FIT4LIFE program!
$222.50 for a 4-week session
Children's playroom available at no extra cost!
Mix of class times, to attend at a time most convenient for YOU!