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Angie Gallagher, Post-Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist
The Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist (BCES) is a professional qualified to assess, design, and implement individual and group exercise and fitness programs for those diagnosed with cancer. The BCES is skilled in evaluating health behaviors and risk factors, conducting fitness assessments, writing appropriate exercise recommendations and motivating individuals to modify negative health habits and maintain positive lifestyle behaviors for health promotion. The BCES will have a complete understanding of the entire cancer process from diagnosis to treatment, recovery, prevention of lymphedema, and contraindictions.
Benefits of the Pink Ribbon Program
Reduces feelings of depression
Improves self confidence and control
Helps regain strength and mobility in affected shoulder and arm
Enhances energy levels
Helps to control weight
Improves sleep
Alleviates fatigue
Decreases stress and tension
Enhances physical and mental well-being
The Pink Ribbon Program
Exercise may be the last thing you feel like doing after breast cancer surgery. You're probably exhausted, your arm may be painful and swollen, and the adjuvant treatments can make you feel even worse. All you want to do is rest. In the past, that's exactly what doctors recommended. However, recent studies indicate a link between moderate physical exercise and improved quality of life for breast cancer survivors.
We are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and positive body image to all breast cancer survivors. The Pink Ribbon Program will help stretch and strengthen the shoulder, chest, back, and abdominal muscles, allowing women to regain full range of motion to those areas affected by breast cancer surgery. This program is suitable whether your surgery was recent or several years ago and accommodates all fitness levels.
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